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Jason is a gifted and effective sales leader. He didn't simply bring a one-size-fits-all playbook into CallRail; instead, he deeply understood the unique dynamics of our customers, our team, and our products. I admire how consistently he coached and mentored his team, and how genuinely he cares for everyone he works with. He is driven to produce results (and he does -- CallRail grew a ton under his leadership!), and he makes it happen by creating an energetic, positive, and accountable culture.

Jason is a remarkable sales leader with unparalleled experience with building high-volume sales teams. I had a front-row seat at GreenSky...watching him navigate recruiting top sales talent, ramp up outbound volume, coach and develop, and implement productivity-enhancing technology and processes to drive business goals. Most importantly, he's a genuine guy that places integrity and passion above all else. 

I cannot say enough good things about the time I worked with Jason. He made collaborating on projects easy and I often sought him out as a mentor. Jason is a people person and everyone that meets him is immediately impressed by his ability to motivate others while keeping a good sense of humor. At work, I would talk to Jason often about a variety of projects and each time I could tell that he set aside anything else he was working on to give me his full attention and support. 

Jason has an amazing ability in hiring qualified talent and letting them lean into their strengths and do their best work. Over his time at CallRail he formalized and grew the Sales Org really from the ground up, formalizing team structure, compensation, and ongoing measurement for success, all while tripling the business.

Jason is a passionate and driven sales executive. Jason joined the team at a critical time of our growth and provided those key ingredients of motivation, structure, and innovation that took the sales team and company to the next level. Jason is one of those perfect hires where you quickly forget how things possibly functioned without him. 

Jason is the consummate high energy sales leader. He pushes himself and his teams to hit even the most aggressive goals and credits his team with the victories while assuming full responsibility for any failures. Never one to back down from a challenge, he will tinker until he figures out a way to win. All the while, rating off the charts on the “do you want to get a beer with this guy” scale. 

Jason is a world class revenue leader, and I had the pleasure to work with him for three years. Our company grew at record pace due to his leadership, and Jason personally mentored me and helped me reach the management position I wanted. He’s very intelligent and has an ability to cut to the core of what needs to be done while still cultivating a friendly and savvy culture. 

I had the privilege of working with Jason for 3 years at CallRail. We went through the start and peak of COVID together, figured out how to move an entire sales organization to 100% remote and how to structure an extremely complex sales organization to best hit our goals. Jason is a great leader and taught me so much to help me advance my career. He showed me how to get things done quickly in an organization, how to continue building a great brand within the business, how to be better at project managing, setting timelines/expectations and in general how to be a great leader that everyone both respects and appreciates.

Jason is one of the most tenacious, passionate, convincing sales professionals I've had the pleasure of working with. His energy is infectious and he has a unique ability to motivate sales teams to not only hit goal, but leave them in the dust. One of Jason's most salient & valuable qualities is his willingness to contribute his ideas for improvement to those with whom he works. It doesn't really matter if it's broke or not, Jason always strives to "fix it", in other words, make it better, anyways. I highly recommend Jason to any company looking for a fantastic sales leader and hope we get the chance to work together once again someday. 

I've learned so much about leadership from Jason. Jason is first and foremost a builder. His ability to develop and communicate a blueprint for success is superb. Jason is amazing at assessing talent. His passion for building a world class organization is infectious, and he inspired me to be the best leader I can be. When the time comes for me to build a World Class sales organization, I will use the examples that Jason set as my guide.

Jason is a gifted sales leader who really knows how to get the best out of his team. Jason and I worked together on the Sales and Marketing leadership team at CallRail, as well as standing up our new strategic Partnerships org. Jason's biggest strength is his ability to motivate his reps - prior to Jason joining CallRail our sales team was disengaged, apathetic, and struggling to hit goals. Jason came onboard and really turned the entire team's morale around, while also helping us to skyrocket revenue growth in the nearly 4 years we worked together.